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英文面试常见50大问题1.So,tell me a little about yourself./那么,请做一个自我介绍吧。2.Why did you leave your last job?/你为什么离职呢?3.Tell me what you know about this company?/告诉我,你对这个公司了解多少?4.Why do you want to work at X Company?/你为什么想在X公司工作?5.What relevant experience do you have?/你有什么相关经验?6.If your previous co-worker were here,what would they say about you?/如果你以前的同事在这里,他们会怎么评价你?7.Have you done anything to further your experience?/你是否为积累更多经验而作出努力?8.Where else have you applied?/你还申请了其他什么公司吗?9.How are you when you work under pressure?/当你在压力下工作时,感觉如何?10.What motivate you to do a good job?/是什么激励你去做好一份工作?11.What’s your greatest strength?/你最大的优点是什么?12.What’s your biggest weakness?/你最大的弱点是什么?13.Let’s talking about Salary./我们来谈谈薪水。14.Are you good at working in the team?/你擅长在团队工作吗?15.Tell me a suggestion you have made that was implemented./告诉我一个你已经实施的建议。16.Will the people you work with irritate you?/与你共事的人是否会激怒你?17.Is there anyone you just could not work with?/是否有人你不能与之共事?18.Would you rather work for money or satisfaction?/你愿意为金钱还是满足而工作?19.Would you rather be liked or feared?/你宁愿被喜欢还是害怕?20.Are you willing to put your job first?/你是否愿意将工作放在首位?21.Explain why I should hire you?/请你说一说为什么我应该雇佣你?22.Do you have any question to ask me?/你有什么问题要问我吗?23.Where do you want to be in 5 years?/五年内,你想达到什么高度?24.Would you want to work for a big company or a small one?/你想为大公司还是小公司工作?25.What contribution did you make to your previous organization/team?/你对你以前的组织/团队做出了什么贡献?26.What makes you think you would be a success in this job?/是什么让你认为你能胜任这份工作?27.Why did you select your major area of study?/你为什么选择你的主要研究领域?28.What subjects were your favorite? Why?/你最喜欢的科目是什么?为什么?29.Other than the courses you studied, what is the most important thing you learned from your college experience?/除了你学习的课程外,你从大学里学到的最重要的东西是什么?30.How did you finance your college education?/你是如何承担大学教育的费用的?31.Would you describe your typical working day?/你能描述一下你的典型工作日吗?32.Describe the employee you most enjoy working with?/描述你最喜欢与之共事的员工?33.What is an ideal boss like?/理想的老板是什么样的?34.What pressures did you have in your last job and how did you manage them?/你上一份工作有什么压力,你是如何管理的?


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招聘英语教师面试常提问和英语相关的问题,除了与学科相关的问题之外,还有常问的问题:为什么要选择教师这个行业?你最尊敬的教育家是谁,为什么?你最赞赏的教学方法是什么?为什么学生会偏科?做好一名教师固然离不开敬业、爱生、专业知识扎实,除了这些,你认为教学的最重要特质是什么?你赞同“教学有法、但无定法、贵在得法”这种提法吗为什么?新课程标准的价值取向是什么?学生记忆有什么特点,学科教学如何提高学生的识记能力?你认为一种科学的备课方法是什么?你同意“没有不合格的学生,只有不合格的教师”这句话吗?一堂好课的标准是什么?现在常常提的“以学生为本”或“以学生为主体”,你怎样理解?你平常看的教育教学类的书籍和杂志有那些 ?你认为该如何指导学生进行朗读?

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应聘英语教师职位的时候,相信大家都会担心紧张在 面试 的时候人事会问什么问题吧,下面是我整理的英语教师招聘面试问题,希望对大家有帮助。   英语教师招聘面试问题一   1、你教了几年书? How long have you been teaching?   I have been teaching for...   2、有教小学的 经验 吗?Did you have any experiences teaching in elementary school/primary school?   Yes, I did. or No, I didn't.   3、你打算怎么样给小朋友上课?How are you going to give lessons to little kids?   I think I am going to use all kinds of materials that are available like CD player, pictures, word cards, TV, magazines, games ects in my lessons. I am going to use different teaching meathods to help children with different learning styles.   4、能否示范一下? Can you demonstrate one lesson?   Sure. If I teach days of the week, I will teach children a song: Sunday, Monday...(用twinkle twinkle little star 的tune)   5、你觉得教小学生跟教中学生有什么不同?What is the difference between teaching elementary school children and the junior high school children?   well, when teaching little kids a teacher has to be more patient.He/she has to use lots of songs, games, body language to help student learn English.The forms of each lesson should be different.   Teaching junior high school kids is a little bit different. I can introduce some grammer. I can give them more written work and I can have more discussions with the children.   6、如何让小学生对英文感兴趣? How are you going to keep the students interested in learning English?   如何将你的课上得有趣?   How are you going to keep your lessons interesting?   这两道题的答案是一样的,只不过问的形式不一样.   I will try my best to use all the teaching methodologies I learned at school to reach each child. Stories, poems, riddles, jokes songs are all good for little kids. I will have them practice English as a whole class, group work, pair work or independent work.Whatever works out for the children I will do it. There is never one way to success.   面试在求职过程中,可以说是压力最大的一个环节。面对外国老板连珠炮似的提问,如果能回答得从容不迫、简明扼要,恰当中肯,而且合乎老外的口味,那么肯定会大大增加你的录取机会。   英语教师招聘面试常见问题二   1. What is important to you in a job?   Mention specific rewards other than a paycheck for example, challenge, the feeling of accomplishment, and knowing that you have made a contribution.   2. Why do you want to work for this organization?   Cite its reputation, the opportunities it offers, and the working conditions. Stress that you want to work for this organization, not just any organization.   3. Why should we employ you?   Point to your academic preparation, job skills, and enthusiasm of working for the firm. Mention your performance in school or previous employment as evidence of your ability to learn and to become productive quickly. If the job involves management responsibilities, refer to past activities as proof of your ability to get along with others and to work as part of a team.   4. If we hire you, how long will you stay with us?   Answer by saying along these lines: "As long as my position here allows me to learn and to advance at a pace with my abilities."   5. Can we offer you a career path?   Reply: "I believe you could, once I know the normal progression within the organization. Can you tell me?" The answer may be revealing.   6. What are your greatest strengths?   Give a response like one of the following: "I can see what needs to be done and do it", "I''m wiling to make decisions", "I work well with others," "I can organize my time efficiently."   7. What are you greatest weakness?   Identify one or two, such as the following:" I tend to drive myself toohard", " I expect others to perform beyond their capacities", " I like to see a job done quickly, and I''m critical if it isn''t." Note these weaknesses could also be regarded as desirable qualities. The trick with this question is to describe a weakness so that it could also be considered a virtue. 8. What didn''t you like of previous jobs you''ve held?   Discuss the things you didn''t like, but avoid making slighting reference to any of your former employers.   8. What didn''t you like of previous jobs you''ve held?   Discuss the things you didn''t like, but avoid making slighting reference to any of your former employers.   9. How do you spend your leisure time?   Mention a cross section of interests-active and quiet, social and solitary -- rather just one.   10. Are there any weaknesses in your education or experience?   Take stock of your weaknesses before the interview. Practice discussing them in a positive light. You''ll find that they are minor when discussed along with all the positive things you have to offer.   11. Where do you want to be five years from now?   Saying that you''d like to be president is unrealistic, yet few employers want people who are content to sit still. You might say, "in five years, I''d like to have my boss''s job. " If you can''t qualify for your boss''s job by then, you may not be the fright candidate.   12. What are your salary expectations?   If you are asked this at the outset, it''s best to say, "Why don''t we discuss salary after you decide whether I''m right for the job? "But if the interviewer asks this after showing real interest in you, speak up. She or he will probably try to meet your price. If you need a clue of what to ask for, say, " Can you discuss your salary range with me?"   13. What would you do if....?   This question is designed to test your reposes. For example: "What would you do if your computer broke down during an audit?" Your answer there isn''t nearly so important as your approach to the problem. And a calm approach is best. Start by saying, "One thing I might do is ..." Then give several alternative choices.   14. What type of position are you interested in?   Job titles and responsibilities vary from firm to firm . So state your skills instead, such as "I''m good at figure work," and the positions that require these skills , such as "accounts payable."   15. Tell me something of yourself.   Say you''ll be happy to talk, and ask what the interviewer wants to know. If this point is clarified, respond. If not, tell why you feel your skills will contribute to the job and the organization. This question gives you a great opportunity to sell yourself.   16. Do you have any questions of the organization or the job?   Employers like a candidate who is interested in the organization. so this is a perfect time to convey your interest and enthusiasm.   英语教师招聘面试问题三   1. What are some of the key skills and abilities necessary for someone to succeed in this position?   1. 如果成功应聘这个岗位,需要具备哪些核心技能或者能力?   If you ask this early in an interview, it can guide your entire strategy, Cole says. You can tell the interviewer how your strengths match up with what the company is seeking.   如果你在面试中早早问出这个问题,它将指导你的整个面试策略,Cole说。你可以告诉面试官自己的优势是什么,以及如何将你的优势与公司的需求相匹配。   2. If I get the internship, how do I earn top marks on my performance review?   2. 如果进入实习期,我怎样才能在绩效评估中取得高分呢?   This marks you as eager to reach for excellence. Everyone wants an ambitious new hire.   这个问题会把你定位成一个追求极致的人。大家都想要一个有雄心壮志的新员工。   3. Now that you know more about me, how do you think I can best help the company?   3. 既然你已经对我有一定的了解,你认为我怎样才能最大程度的帮助到公司呢?   You want to know what the interviewer thinks about the fit, Cole says. The question also potentially reveals what he or she sees you working on in the position.   你想知道面试官如何定义合适的人选,Cole说。这个问题同样潜在地反映了他或她是怎么看待你在这个岗位的工作。   4. Is there anything else I can answer for you? I want to be as complete as possible.   4. 还有其他需要我回答的问题吗?我想尽可能做到完整。   You ask this to gauge the interest level of the interviewer and to get feedback, Cole explains.   你问这个问题是想了解面试官对你感兴趣的程度,以及得到一些反馈,Cole解释道。   "They may say, 'There is one thing ...' and then you'll have a chance to respond to it in real time," he says. "As you ask this question, watch their facial expression and body language. That will tell you how they really feel about you."   “他们可能会说,‘有一件事...’之后你就有机会及时回答。”他说道,“当你问这个问题的时候,观察他们的面部表情和肢体语言,这些将告诉你他们对你的真实感觉。”   Debra DelBelso, director of the career center at Siena College, told Business Insider that if your interviewer is smiling and maintaining eye contact, there's a good chance your interview is going well.   Debra DelBelso是锡耶纳大学就业中心的主任,他告诉“商业内幕”,如果你的面试官面带微笑并且和你保持眼神交流,那么你的面试极有可能进展顺利。   However, if the interviewer is crossing his or her arms, leaning away from you, or looking at the door, that might mean they're not impressed, career expert Lynn Taylor told Business Insider.   然而,如果面试官双臂交叠,靠向椅背,或者看向门的方向,那可能说明他们没有被打动。就业专家Lynn Taylor告诉“商业内幕”。   5. What can I do or provide for you when I follow up?   5. 如果进入下一阶段,有什么是我能做或者能提供给你的吗?   By asking this wrap-up question, you appear thorough, helpful, and willing to make sure nothing is left to chance, Cole says.   通过问这个 总结 性的问题,你表现出自己缜密、有帮助的一面,并且有确保不漏下任何机会的意愿,Cole说。   What not to ask   不要问的问题   Cole says it's wise to refrain from asking any questions about benefits, time off, schedule accommodations, or other things that could be perceived as picky during an internship interview. "These 'custom requests' can seem presumptuous and be off-putting to the hiring manager," he says.   Cole说最好避免问任何关于福利、休假、住宿安排,或者其他让人感觉在实习面试中很挑剔的问题。“对人事经理来说,这些‘定制请求’看起来很冒昧、令人不愉快。”他说。   Instead, focus your questions on the company.   相反,把你的问题集中在公司上。   "If you do some research and ask unusual questions that others won't ask, this will mark you as clever, industrious, and willing to go the extra mile to get to know the company," Cole says. "You will be memorable."   “如果你做些研究,问一些别人不会问的特殊问题,你将会被认为聪明、勤奋、愿意更深入的了解公司,”Cole说,“你会让别人记忆深刻。” 猜你喜欢: 1. 教师行业常见的面试问题及答案 2. 英语中的面试情景对话 3. 大学生英语面试题目及答案 4. 关于面试的英语情景对话 5. 教师面试技巧  6. 教师英语演讲稿:我是一名英语教师

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